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To apply as an executive for SFUFW, please provide the following information and specify which position you are interested in.



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SFUFW Executive Positions
To apply as an executive for SFUFW, please provide the following information and specify which position you are interested in.

 Creative Director.
Work with executive team to make sure they’re meeting goals, understand responsibility and deals with any hickups that may arise. Supports EP and Club President in necessary responsibilities as well as the growth and evolution of the movement. Works with Founder in the development of University Fashion (UF)

 Club Relations.
Works with SFUFW team to make sure work meets club standards, secures funding opportunities for project by partnering with other clubs or managing the development of a fashion club to continue the spread of the platform within the community and to actively make sure the platform meets the requirements of public and private stakeholders as well as University Fashion/SFUXFashionWeek.

 VP of Casting and Talent.
Actively recruits, gauges scope of event, and works with programs department to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Responsible for developing rehearsal schedule, date and location. Tell performers about rehearsal times and dates and ensure they all know what they are doing on the night .

 VP Brand and Event Design.
Finds clothes, fits models, sorts out the running order, develops event design and “look”, works with external brands in arrival. Responsible for inventory of clothing as well as working with SFU Bookstore in storage facilities. Works with VP of Casting and Talent in makeup times and rehearsal times and all other responsibilities assigned to them by Creative Director/Exclusive Producer.

 VP of Sales and Booth.
Sells tickets and advertises the events through posters etc. Secures Sponsorship opportunities for the project as well as makes sure the tabling requirements of the event is accomplished.

 VP of Digital Communication.
Works with production team to make promotional videos, as well as records the overall happenings of the event. Develops footage into marketable material for upcoming year. Responsible for Photography needs and post production needs. Responsible for design needs.

 HR & Volunteer Coordinator.
Works with executive team to develop strong internal communication tools, deals with organization logistics and operations. Actively recruits Volunteers, Fills Committees with necessary individuals on behalf of the executive department, manages the requirements and needs of organization, creates availability sheets for the day of the event. Trains, onboards and develops orientation for volunteers. Works on Volunteer appreciation as well as develops, strong network and atmosphere for making the volunteers happy! Works with the AMS, as well as executives for ensuring recruitment requirements. Confirms dress code for event, gets tickets out to volunteers, works with sponsorship to get food and other refreshments for volunteers as well as other event staff and support team.

 VP of Finance, Operation and Logistics.
Responsible for managing finances of SFUFW & Club as well as working with departments to purchase capital expense as well as handling of revenue. Works with Executive Producer and Skynation financing details as well as financial and operational logistics. Works with HR to create strong operation plan for the event progression and growth. Works with Founder on the scale of event into University Fashion(UF).

 VP of Marketing and Promotion.
Works with communications department in social media marketing, puts out press releases and meetings with SFUPr, The Peak as well as other media outlets to spread information about the event. Works with VP of Sales and Booth to secure leads for tabling and pop up shop as well as sales strategy for selling out event.


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