SFU Fashion Week Volunteer Application Form

To apply as a volunteer for SFUFW, please provide the following information and specify which committee you are interested in.



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SFUFW Committee
Please indicate which SFUFW committee you are interested in being a part of.

 Programming Committee.
Confirm program details, create program documents, send documents out to interested parties, deal with brands, final casting, speaker confirmation, and all other program details.

 Logistics and Production Committee.
Responsible for sound/lighting, working with external productions, design of location, parking, confirming speakers, event booklet, set up and take down of event and putting the event together on the day of.

 Promotions and Marketing Committee.
Responsible for promoting ticket sales, social media promotions, video, design, posters, and website.

 Sponsorship, Sales, and Fundraising Committee.
Responsible for ticket sales, sale strategy, promoter sales, and fundraising strategy.

 Hospitality, Wardrobe and Styling Committee.
Responsible for working with models, making sure speakers are confirmed, organizing the food for the event, and the styling and makeup for models.